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Maybe its time to Partner up with Fanagram

Currently we are mainly looking to partner up with South Wales Cardiff individuals with their geeky business or idea, but are also looking at areas such as Swansea, Newport, Penarth, or Wrexham. However if you have worked with Fanagram a number of times before and are not located In South Wales Cardiff we may approach you to become a partner.

Becoming a partner with Fanagram doesn’t change much, but it does mean more collaboration with both parties, and more permanent ongoing promotion. We will put a link to you on our ‘about’ page, and may even create a joint idea like we have done with our Fanagram Cardiff Board Game Group which you can join here. The group was created as someone wanted to host their own Cardiff Board Game Group and didn’t know where to start. We also wanted to help grow the local boardgaming scene and so promoting our collaborative Board Game Group meant both parties got what they wanted.

You don’t need to become a partner to get free promotion with Fanagram, as you can see here there are multiple events and business we already promote. Mostly are located  in Cardiff, South Wales area and everyone who attends has a great time, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on local events or things going on.

You also don’t need to become a partner with Fanagram if you would like us to join your event or idea, but may be required if it’s ongoing or recurring. 

Fanagram may ask you to promote an event if we feel your audience will enjoy what is going on, the idea behind this is when you are hosting an event, we ask another partner to promote yours so it can reach the maximum number of people on social media.

As Fanagram geeky community grows in Cardiff, we can reach more people, gain access to more local businesses/events, and possibly more locations and equipment which we can then offer to our partners to further increase promotion opportunities.

If you or someone you know are located in Cardiff South Wales and consider yourself geeky, then get in touch with your business or idea and see how Fanagram can assist in promoting. You can fill in the form here or send us a PM on Facebook.

If you want to read more about promotion then why not check out our promoting with Fanagram page here.

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