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Terms & Conditions for Writers

We have updated our Fanagram blog so its easy for contributors to add their content to our website. It can be reviews, fan art, or just general game play.

If you would like to become a writer for Fanagram you must first sign up as a member and then contact us on our Facebook page. Mention your e-mail and what you would to write about; you are by no means locked into this subject but it will give us an idea if we think you would be a good fit on our site.

Rules for writers:

-Writers must create content that fits in within Fanagram ; feel free to bring your own style but keep it on topic. If you are unsure simply think geek and it normally should be a good fit, however if you are still unsure please contact us, you can do so on our facebook page here

-You are in charge of your profile and comments, if we find any comments we find rude or inappropriate, your blogs may be removed and/or your profile will be deleted if they are not managed correctly.

-Content must be credited if it is not your own, or links provided if possible.

-Fanagram has permission to remove any members on their site for any reason, contributors agree to this. Members will only be removed if issues are not addressed.

-Any contributions with questionable/illegal content will result in a permanent ban and authorities to be contacted.

By signing up to Fanagram and writing and publishing content on our blog you agree to these terms. 

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