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Get your idea or business promoted with Fanagram

Are you someone who would like free promotion for your geeky idea? Then we at Fanagram want you to get in touch with us! Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you get in touch with Fanagram


Where are you located?
Here at Fanagram we want to build a geek, fun, nerdy and active community in Cardiff. However if you are located in Swansea, Newport, London, or even overseas like America or Europe we still want to hear from you. People from Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Penarth, or Wrexham are particularly wanted, with a heavy focus in the Cardiff centre, as that is where we are located but plan to do more with other local areas like Bath and Bristol as Fanagram expands.

So what’s your idea?
The whole premise of Fanagram is to let others be aware of geeky, nerdy or just cool events and businesses. We have helped promote amazing bands that play retro music game songs like Street fighter and Sonic, local Bars that have a geeky vibe to them and have fun events that they host, businesses that focus on digital and board gaming events, and also individual artists that might be on Kickstarter. If it’s geeky we want to know about it.

What’s the catch?
As mentioned above Fanagram wants to build a geeky community initially in Cardiff, so with more events, businesses, artists, bands who get in touch with us the faster we can all grow together. Currently all the promotion we do is free but we may ask for free tickets, model figures, or art to give away to our fans to help promote your idea (people always love free stuff). We will ask you to share our social media posts relating to your project in order to help nurture and grow our mutual communities.

How will Fanagram promote?
Fanagram will normally promote your idea a few different ways. We may do a blog post if we can attend your event, gig or meet you in person. Post images and information on our social media on FacebookTwitterInstagram and host competitions on mentioned social media accounts (with agreement with yourself on what we can do).

Another great way to promote yourself at Fanagram is by becoming a writer for our blog - you can create a membership for free and then all that is needed is to contact us with what you would like to write about? We are more than happy for you to post links to your event, business page or sell your artwork as long as you agree to our terms discussed here. However all we ask is that you do not spam and create multiple blogs about the same thing, which will result in us deleting all your blogs and banning you from the page. If you are not sure what you can do the best thing would be to contact us.

Like with all promotion it's important to be aware that there is no guarantee that any promotion will result in more people attending your event, or even like your idea. All we are offering is a method in reaching the maximum number of people that will most likely have an interest in what you are providing.

Who is a fit for Fanagram?
So you got an idea and want some free promotion? What’s next? Well first of all you need to ask yourself is your idea or business geeky in nature? If you really need to ask yourself that question then maybe Fanagram isn’t the right place to have us promote you in your local area, however we also know people may not like the term geek, nerd, hipster and may not even realise that their idea or business even falls into that category. So the best thing to do is to send us a quick message (you can do so using the form here or on our Facebook page) and simply ask.


We ask that you do not get upset or discouraged if we think Fanagram is not suitable for both parties to work together, as there are many other places on the internet or local area where you can help on your promotion, or even get free promotion, we may even know of some places that can help you out even if we can’t.

Partnering with Fanagram?
To become a partner with Fanagram, we are currently mainly looking for individuals and business located in Cardiff South Wales, but are also looking at areas such as Swansea, Newport, Penarth, or Wrexham, however if Fanagram has worked with you a number of times we may offer partnership with you, regardless of where you are located.

If you want to read more about Partnering up with Fanagram please check out our partner page here.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have a business or project and are located in Cardiff or South Wales? Are you a geek or consider yourself slightly geeky, then get in touch with us. You may have come across this page and know someone who would does have the right idea and need some additional promotion.

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